Welcome to Electrosphere, fellow ravers. This is a community, inspired by our love for electronic music, essentially dedicated towards working to bring you, on a single platform,  The Electronic Dance Music scene right here in India.

We aspire to popularize the trance dance genre and other forms of electronic music thereby bringing indigenous talent to the fore and conversely,  the leading international artists and musicians  to come perform here thus putting us on the map of the worldwide dance music experience and represent ourselves as a community, which, well, can’t get enough of partying.

Whether it is promoting artists or creating a buzz or reviewing some of the best clubs of our country that host events and call in DJs from all around the globe who we all, at some point of time in our lives, I’m sure,  have waited long enough, to watch them play live and listen to the mind-blowing tunes they churn out at the console. We all know it’s the power of a DJ to make multitudes go grooving and shaking on the dance floor.  It’s the DJ who is solely responsible for giving the party a shape, mostly a wave form in this case, and enhancing our clubbing experience, apart from some other funny things of course that we all use and are aware of, but really its the music that completes your trance dance experience.

We aim to provide a definitive collection of some of the excellent DJs of our country who have earned a reputation worldwide and played at some of the finest music festivals across the globe along with a way to hear the amazing tunes being made and played by this huge array of brilliant musicians. Not Just all this, but we are working to provide you anything and everything related to the entire electronic music industry via this portal.

Get hyped, get involved. Be a raver for more updates!

There will be a lot coming up soon.

All artists, photographers, musicians,painters etc. who wish to be associated with us are most welcome to do so.

For more info. contact us at ‘globalelectrosphere@gmail.com’ .


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